Frequently Asked Questions

We don't know yet. If we did it would be like a doctor prescribing you medication without asking any questions to assess your situation, also known as, malpractice.

The best way for us to answer this question for you is to take advantage of your complimentary Brand audit. With this we'll be able to identify what is and isn't working to be able to give you a breakdown of what you can expect.

A Brand audit is an in-depth analysis of your Brand from socials to, your website to your ads (if you're running any) intended to identify exactly what bottlenecks you're experiencing that are preventing your brand from achieving it's maximum potential.

- Facebook, Instagram & Tik Tok Ads
- Email & SMS Marketing

No, we don't need longterm contracts in order to retain our clients. Our agreements are month to month.

We require that you:

1. Have established a product-market fit

2. Have an engaged audience on either Facebook/Instagram

3. Regularly post content multiple times per week

4. Are willing to invest at minimum $200/day into paid advertising. (No it's not all spent at once & you'll have access to see the ROI in real-time.)

Our typical client is a 6-7 figure DTC eCommerce brand spending 400+/Day looking to optimize ROAS, increase scale & delegate the time required to grow their brand with online advertising channels.

No, it's not all spent at once & you'll have access to see the ROI in real-time.

Tools available to use on Shopify & Facebook such as lookalike audiences, retargeting campaigns, AI driven cross/up-sells & Campaign Budget Optimization to name a few simply cannot be used as intended without driving enough traffic (data) to your website.

Machine learning demands an optimal amount of data to work as intended. Profitable campaigns can be ran at lower budgets but significant amounts of money and opportunity will be left on the table.

Absolutely. Since our retainers are based on revenue & profitable spend we are financially incentivized to get you results and grow as you grow.

We understand that your cashflow is the #1 KPI and because of that vanity metrics such as clicks, page likes and comments do not impact our retainer.

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